Burkholderia cenocepacia J2315 AMR Gene Predictions from CARD Database

IMP: This is a list of Burkholderia AMR gene predictions made using the Resistance Gene Identifier (RGI) analysis tool which utilizes the Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database (CARD) hosted by Andrew McArthur's Lab at McMaster University. The analysis was was run using amino acid query sequences and the "Perfect and Strict hits only" criteria.

For details about the "Model Type" column, please view the description at the CARD website.

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Locus Tag Product Model Type SNP Cutoff Accession Model Name E-value Percent Identity CARD Version
BCAL1675 multidrug efflux protein protein homolog model Strict ARO:3002983 amrB 0.0 86.6 1.2.1
BCAL1674 periplasmic multidrug efflux lipoprotein protein homolog model Strict ARO:3002982 amrA 0.0 77.01 1.2.1
BCAM1946 putative quinoxaline efflux system transporter protein protein homolog model Strict ARO:3003923 oqxB 0.0 71.46 1.2.1